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The #RiffsAndBeards2 Riff Contest

The #RiffsAndBeards2 Riff Contest


#RiffsAndBeards2 Contest Rules Terms: Participant will upload (1) submission to EITHER YouTube Or Soundcloud (not both). Contestant is to include #RiffsAndBeards2 in the submission title. Contestant does not have to include provided drum track in submission, only guitar track. Contestant can choose to use drum track and make production high quality, but quality of submission has no bearing on consideration for winning. Judges are Fluff, Rob Scallon and Rabea Massaad. After contest ends April 30th at midnight, all 3 judges will then spend all needed time reviewing entries. All mentioned prizes in Contest Video are subject to change without notice, depending on availability of product. For example, if a particular pedal is not available, it will then be replaced by another pedal of similar configuration. If winner is unable to pay any applicable import taxes to their applicable country, they forfeit that prize and are not owed another (i.e. someone else’s) prize. Any and all rules can be changed if Fluff feels like it. This Contest is for FUN, and if any participant makes it otherwise, they will not be considered for the contest.

Fluff (duh)
Rob Scallon:
Rabea Massaad:

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